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miami mami's are saying...

Yess I F**king love Chanel #7 like they're full but when you put them on they're not too extra, they're soo wispy🙂


I'm obsessed with them. Like you have literally made me feel so much better with these lashes you don't even understand 🖤


I absolutely love the lashes! they're so lightweight and feel so soft and pretty!! so soft and pretty!! 🖤 🖤 I feel like a doll when i wear them hehe 🖤


I love 'Top Tier' honestly, I didn't think it would work with my eyeshape because I have never used this shape....But made a HUGE difference. Like right now she my go to!


I love wispy lashes but lashes always look heavy on my eyes and Upper East Sider are legit so perfect and gorgeous and dramatic but not heavy!

Serena M.

Beauty Simplfied.