4 Common Myths about Falsies

While buying falsies for the very first time, don't you ever feel confused about which one to pick, how to carry them, will they look fake or real, how long will they stay and so on. So today, Miamimami.co will answer these popping questions and myths you might be having while buying false lashes.

4 common myths about falsies

Falsies can be worn up to 2-3 times

The answer to it is it depends on how well you keep those lashes. You can remove the glue with cotton pad and micellar water and reuse falsies generally more than 7 times. Make sure to clean the falsies for longer durability.

False lashes always look fake

Not always. It depends on the false lashes you chose that is suitable for your eye shape as it comes in different sizes and colors. False lashes are an alternate for lash extensions and can lift up your look being a night out or an everyday look.

Falsies never stick/ falsies keep falling out 

It can be because you are applying it wrong. We understand it can be a struggle to apply in the beginning and for this; we have 5 simple steps to apply falsies for beginners-

  •  Curl your lashes
  • Measure the lash strip to your eye and trim the excess falsies without applying glue.
  • After trimming, apply glue to the lash strip using tweezers hold the lash strip and apply glue with a cotton pad or brush in the middle and gently spread it towards the corner.
  • Let the glue become tacky for 30-40 seconds.
  • Apply the falsies close to your lash line .

Only rich people wear lashes

Absolutely Not, Nowadays it has become an important part of the beauty industry and beauty companies pay close attention to it as it can make or break your look. They even collaborate with influencers and reach out to their audience to know the preference of their audience. People nowadays also prefer having custom lashes. And a fun fact is- they can come at affordable prices depending from company to company.

Yes, you heard it right. So what are you waiting for, try them yourself and break these myths with Miami Mami.co by ordering from our best selling collection which is comfortable, durable and makes your eyes more expressive. Order your pack now and be a part of new growing fashion.