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About Us

‘Miami Mami Lashes’ (formerly Miami Mami Lashes) was rebranded in April 2019, and rebranded in 2020 becoming ‘Miami Mami.Co’ by Shekerea (Shakira) Samuels, a multi-certified eyelash extension artist. 

She started her business as an eyelash extensions service. As a specialist, she had seen that her clients had difficulty finding the right lash styles that were suitable for their eye shapes, extensions that would not cause them to have an allergic, the burden of maintain their extensions physically and financially. 

Soon not long after she transformed it into a growing e-commerce store as she saw great potential in this industry. Through Miami Mami.co she decided to start her own brand primarily concentrating on these factors and continue to fill any voids. 

The proudly black owned brand focuses on creating a voice in the beauty industry to help represent everyone while fulfilling our customers’ every beauty needs in regards to lashes and accessories  without missing a beat.

Our mission vision and values include: 

Mission- Miami Mami.Co products are designed to feel lightweight and to provide the best quality products at an affordable cost. Miami Mami.co focuses on building relationships with our loyal customers, employees and stakeholders and working towards creating a positive impact on the environment through the years to come. 

Vision- We plan to be our customers’ top choice by giving them endless opportunities to find and express their own unique definition of beauty through the use of our products.   

Values- Miami Mami.Co strongly supports, promotes diversity and equality through our brand by with the range of our products and what we represent. We strive on continuing to make sure our products are cruelty-free. Most importantly Shekerea created this brand to inspire and uplift: “Beauty and self-confidence is something powerful, I am here to empower everyone to be able to buy high quality cosmetic products at an affordable rate. Being a woman can be expensive and may feel like a lot of pressure, even though it never should. Makeup is expressive, its freeing and there’s nothing like once you find that IT product you have been looking for that meets all of your beauty needs it truly feels like your match made in heaven.” Through our products, we offer our customers self-confidence and the ability to embrace their uniqueness and be a part of their journey