New here, Mami? We got you!

Q. Why should I choose Miami Mami?

A. We offer a luxury look and feel for half the price of other lash brands. We believe everyone deserves a chance to elevate their beauty, discover self-confidence, and embrace their uniqueness with the perfect lash strip.


Q. Does Miami Mami offer free shipping?

A. Yes, all orders $50 CAD+ receive free shipping.


Q. Are your lashes *actually* cruelty-free?



Q. What are mink lashes?

A. The short version: The most premium type of lash strips.

The longer version: Real mink lashes come from Mink tail hair from the Siberian or Chinese mink. This hair provides a light & soft natural look identical to human lashes with a glossy finish.


Q. What are 3D mink lashes?

A. The short version: Extra fluffy 3-dimensional mink lashes.

The longer version: 3D mink lashes are designed with layers to prevent the lashes from looking flat and provide a fuller curl. These layers boost the definition of the lash, which gives you the appearance of thicker-longer-looking lashes.


Q. What’s the difference between synthetic and silk lashes?

A. Synthetic lashes- are made from polished, acrylic material, which makes them a

bit heavier than mink or silk. Although heavier, they retain their shape quite well and are designed in various curls. Synthetic lashes are the way to go if you have naturally thick lashes but want to add a little emphasis.


Silk lashes- sit right in the middle in terms of lash quality. They have a medium weight and are finer than synthetic lashes but not quite as fine as mink. Silk lashes help emphasize your natural lashes but have a softer feel, creating a more natural look. You can also curl silk lashes on your own. Silk is ideal if you’re looking for something like synthetic lashes that last a bit longer.


Q. How much are Miami Mami mink lashes?

A. All our mink lashes range between $17.50-$19.00, X under the average price.


Q. How can I buy Miami Mami lashes?

A. To purchase your lashes, select your style + quantity and add them to your cart. Then, input your details in our secured checkout. You’ll receive a confirmation email to confirm your order, and we’ll start working on your package. If you have any questions or comments for us, you can always contact us, and we'll get back to you within 48 hours.


Q. Are mink lashes a better choice?

A. Mink lashes provide an effortlessly elevated look that lasts much longer than your regular lash strip. So, if you’re looking for thicker, longer lashes that you can get more use out of —mink lashes are your girl. Think of them as an investment that’ll make your beauty routine quicker and easier